Coil is a Belgian grouplisted on NYSE Euronext Paris’ stock exchange since 1996. It is listed on Euronext Growth since 30 April 2011. Coil is the world's largest architectural and industrial anodiser, specialising in the surface treatment of aluminium extrusions, castings and flat-rolled products. Anodising is an electrochemical process which develops a natural and protective exterior layer on aluminium that can be coloured, providing exceptional corrosion protection and/or increased functionality for the metal.

Anodising preserves all the natural and ecological properties of aluminium - it retains its high strength-to-weight ratio, non-magnetic properties and exceptional corrosion resistance without any impact on the total and repeated recyclability of the metal. Anodised aluminium is used across a wide range of architectural, design and industrial applications.
Coil offers its customers :

  • The widest range of anodising treatments in the widest dimensional range available anywhere in the world.
  • Unrivalled experience, quality, service and know-how.

As a world leader in the surface treatment of aluminium, Coil anually treats more than 14 million square metres or more than 45 000 tonnes of aluminium. Aluminium treated by our Group is sold throughout the world.

The Company, which is headquartered in Belgium, is working in 2 sites: Landen in Belgium and Bernburg in Germany.

The Architectural Design & Engineering Advisory Services Group, based in Belgium, is designed to provide architects, designers and other specifiers with detailed technical information on anodising and its applications.